Dairy alternatives aren’t always soya milk,

Recently I have become a super fan of plant based milk alternatives as they taste amazing and are better for the environment, I remember when there was only soya milk as an alternative so It’s amazing to see so many different nut and plant based alternatives in our supermarkets to choose from so your morning coffee can always be refreshing. On this page I will share some of the best milk alternatives so you can choose the best one for you!

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Coconut Milk

As a coconut lover I must say this is a definite go to. The texture is somewhere in the middle of almond and oat milk so I’d say it’s around the same texture as cow’s milk. The taste is rather creamy and the coconut flavour goes really well in black tea and coffee, although people who don’t like a strong coconut taste should steer clear as the taste is strong. Consuming coconut is good for heart health and can also keep your immune system strong and healthy.

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Oat Milk

As well as hazelnut milk, oat milk is a favourite of mine. The taste of oat milk is very mild which makes it great for someone who wants a mild dairy substitute that is not nutty tasting or overpowering. Oat milk goes great in coffees as it can make the coffee very creamy which can really improve a latte. Oat milk is also readily available is almost all supermarkets making it a convenient choice. Oat milk is high in B vitamins and evidence suggests it may lower cholesterol.

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Pea Milk

Pea milk is the most obscure of the alternatives. I’ve talked about. It’s texture is not for everyone but its creaminess and high protein makes it a great choice for cereal and baking. Pea milk is more environmentally friendly then other alternatives and has one of the highest protein levels for dairy alternatives.

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Almond Milk

Almond milk is a very popular dairy alternative, I feel that almond and rice milk both have a more watery texture which makes it refreshing to drink by itself and also refreshing in cereal. Although those who desire a cow’s milk texture in their hot drinks may want to choose an alternative as it may be too thin a texture to achieve this. Although too watery for some in drinks, when it is put in porridge it can become wonderfully creaming and add a subtle nutty taste. Almond milk is low in calories and a great source of calcium.

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Hazelnut Milk

Hazelnut milk is my favourite alternative to cow’s milk, it has a strong nutty flavour and very creamy so it is perfect for teas and coffees. The flavour almost tastes of cocoa which makes it feel taste really indulgent. A hot chocolate is taken to the next level when made with hazelnut milk and it also aids lower blood sugar levels and is a powerful antioxidant!

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Rice Milk

Rice milk less common than oat and almond milk but is still readily available in most supermarkets. Rice milk has a similar consistency to almond milk but is very low in nutrients which means it will be less likely to trigger any allergies which would make it a perfect choice for anyone lactose intolerant.

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