How do I choose the right pram for me and my baby?

Ensure that you buy a pram that is the right budget to fit your financial situation as well as a pram that suits the terrain it will be traveling on. Make sure it is right for the baby’s age and supports the infant. There’s no problem in purchasing a second hand pram as they can often be good value and have everything that you need for your baby.

Are weighted blankets worth the hype?

Applying pressure to the body can enhance the feeling of being protected and of safety which lowers levels of anxiety in stress. Weighted blankets also contribute to the release of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that regulates mood and helps us to feel happy. Dopamine is another chemical in the body which releases the feeling of pleasure and receiving a reward. When both of these chemicals are released, the person will feel happier. A lack in these two chemicals can lead to mental health problems like depression and anxiety which the weighted blanket can be used to improve. A weighted blanket is well worth the hype and a valuable aid in anxiety reduction.

Why is natural skin care better?

The more natural a product is, the less harmful products it should contain, purchasing a natural product and paying attention to the ingredients are key to preventing this. There are important properties to watch out for when choosing a product for your baby. The product must not contain harsh chemicals and must be described as gentle on the baby’s skin and will not cause irritation. A baby’s skin is incredibly fragile and must be treated with products that have the least possible chance of having any reaction with your baby’s skin. Incase of an allergic reaction, it is important that the product is described as hypoallergenic, this ensure that even if the baby has allergies or very sensitive skin, it will have the least chance of triggering a reaction. It is also worth remembering that certain fragrances can trigger irritation and allergic reaction. Parabens are very common in soaps is a preservative and can cause irritation so keep a look out for this in the ingredients.

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