Getting Creative While Parenting

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Being a parent is an incredibly beautiful role to have and is an experience that even the those who feel like they are prepared will never truly be ready for. Every family has a unique way of teaching their children about the world around them and how to take on life’s challenges and experiences. Many mothers and fathers will take advice and methods from their parents in faith that it will work out for them also. Many will also take advice from books, TV and blogs and combine them with other information. Although there is a wealth of advice to mothers, it is also very important that the parents develop their own way of being parents and nurture their feelings of what is right and wrong. Where this unique style of parenting flourishes is in the creative and nurturing side of childcare. Creativity helps make the most mundane days into lasting memories for parents and children.

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It is important to remember that although a day may be boring and ordinary for you, to a child, every day is a new and exciting experience and even making a trip to the grocery store can be made creative and fun. Breaking routine by taking a different route to school or nursery to discover new places is a simple way to enrich your child’s day. Giving children the freedom and space to express how they wish to spend their day can be a great way to help them improve their self confidence and a sense of their interests and hobbies.

Children often have the best memories from outings that involve an adventure such as a forest park or a nature trail, the feeling of wonder and surprise from a young child on their first adventure in a forest is fantastic, helping them express this beautiful time through art is a perfect way for them develop their artistic side. For example, if your family visits a beach, then why not take some sea shells home, paint them and decorate your children’s room with them. Showing children that decorations can be created from things you have found from a young age can help them become more creative adults. Introducing creativity to a child at an early age can also help them deal with emotions and complex feelings that will arise in their life, giving them an outlet for these emotions can greatly improve how your child overcomes situations that are challenging. The skills learned whilst engaging in artistic activities can change the way a child thinks and allows them to gain different perfectives to a situation which can be favourable when undertaking exams and tests when in higher education.

Developing a creative environment indoors can be challenge for some families with smaller houses and less space but there is always a way to incorporate fun and artistic activities into all spaces. Creating colourful and bright posters to hang on their wall is a great way of using creativity to decorate a space. Often girls become interested in clothes and jewellery so making necklaces and bracelets from items such as painted pasta or sea shells can be a great way to engage with your child and let their creativity flow.

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There are a few items that can make being creative at home and away easier, they can often be stored away in cupboard or storage boxes and can be used in multiple ways. To encourage a child’s creativity, it is often a good idea to create an art box to keep these items together which can be decorated by them with the items inside. Items to include in the box are…

  • Coloured Paper
  • Scraps of fabric leftover from clothes.
  • Glitter
  • Ribbons and String
  • PVA Glue
  • Felt
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Carboard
  • Child-Safe Scissors

There is so much more that you can incorporate in to the creativity box! Finding leaves or pinecones outside can be a great addition as making an item into another, different item can be a great way to get your little one thinking creatively. If there isn’t many ideas for a new creation, then why not help your little one create their very own toys so that they can have fun with while making and also when it is finished. As well as being helpful for your child’s mental development, making their own toys can also be great for money saving.

Getting creative as a family is an amazing way to bond, with an increasingly large amount of time of our day devoted to smart phones and computers, it can be incredibly relaxing to take time away from the screen and see what you can create, letting your little ones decide what to make can improve their ability to assert themselves in later life which is important for job opportunities. Baking and decorating can improve confidence and help them feel assured in their ability to carry out instructions, these activities are often the most enjoyable as the child feels they have accomplished a task with pride as well as having a sweet treat as a reward. I would recommend making vanilla sponge fairy cakes as the recipe is simple but delicious and it is easier to decorate.

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Regardless of the location or activity it is a good habit to think about what creative activities can be made out of the day, using this question as a thought exercise can improve your positivity and how you approach deciding what your family should do even when it seems there isn’t many options that day. Having supplies to help spontaneous creativity whilst outside can give days out a new lease of life! Letting your child pave the way in this part of your lives can improve their life skills and make them happier adults. The best time to start making changes and new routines is now, the earlier a family uses these creative techniques, the more it will have a lasting effect. All families are beautiful and unique and this can be inspirational in being more artistic. If you are a person who enjoys planning and keeping track of many things then keeping a notebook of ideas of how to be creative as a family is an amazing way to start as when there is a list, you can steadily go down and try out each one. Understanding that each person is different and does things uniquely will help the process of making changes as you shouldn’t compare yourself to any other parents. I hope you enjoy the memories your family’s creativity will make.

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