Stylish Maternity Dresses for 2021

elegant bridal dress hanging on mirror

Each woman has her own distinct style but for many woman who are expecting, a beautiful dress to wear this summer will be a must have. In this article I will show you the most popular styles of dresses and how to choose a dress that suits you.

There’s no excuse to wear dull, drab clothing while pregnant, not with the variety of beautiful clothes online and in store. A recent return to the maxi dress means that choosing a dress doesn’t always mean clicking on the maternity section. Choosing a dress means knowing what shapes and colours go perfectly with you. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. If you feel confident in the colour and shape it will shine! Ever bought one of those dresses that you think is going to look good and it ends up making you feel not so great, I have far too many times and so I think it’s most important to feel awesome in what you are wearing. If you feel good in it, no matter what it is, it will look beautiful. Confidence is queen!
  2. People with golden skin tones look amazing in yellows, golds, oranges and ambers! These colours can work with people with cool complexions but they look stunning on woman with warmer skin tones but icy tones like a pale blue or a dark green should be avoided as they don’t suit the skin tone as much.
  3. People with cool skin tones look stunning in blue, green, purple and pinks! These colours also suit those with warmer skin tones but really suit those with a cooler complexion.
  4. Loud patterns should be complimented with non patterned colours! If there is a colourful or intricate pattern on your dress then it is important to compliment the dress with non patterned dark leggings or tights so not to overwhelm your outfit with too much and wearing dark colours brings out the pattern and enhances the pattern to the eyes.
  5. Tighter dresses compliment with high waistlines! If the dress being worn is a tighter dress like a bodycon then it is a great idea to choose one where the dress tightens above baby bump so it compliments the figure more, although most maternity dresses are made with this in mind but it’s good to think about this when choosing a non maternity dress.
  6. If you wish to have a more hour glass figure then a sleeveless dress can be great for the summer! When you wear a sleeveless dress then the shoulders are noticed more so this creates the illusion that your middle is slimmer which creates an hourglass shape, not only are sleeveless dresses great for this, they are also amazing for a hot summers day.
elegant bridal dress hanging on mirror
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There are some important trends are are due to make a return during 2021, keep a lookout for these trends below!

  1. The 1970’s Style
  2. Headscarves And Bandanas
  3. Bright Pinks
  4. Floral Patterns
  5. Thigh High Boots

And finally, some amazing maternity dresses that could compliment you and your style!

                       This 1970’s style dress will be great for the summer ahead.

                       This sleeveless dress is great for early maternity and would create an hourglass figure 

                                                          with a belt.

                        Floral patterns are back in trend and this dress is suitable for both maternity & nursing.

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