Cutest Children’s Toys on Amazon

white sheep plush toy

We all have at least one toy that we remember from our childhood, they can bring you so much joy as a child and give you many good memories as an adult. Choosing the right toys to fit your baby’s personality can be a lot of fun and with so many to choose from I thought I’d make a list of the cutest, quirkiest toys out there.

white sheep plush toy
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Jellyfish’s Odell Octopus

This huggable octopus would make a great friend for your little with loads of arms for loads of hugs. Odell comes in a few different sizes ranging in price, the one I have chosen is the 9 inch octopus and he is so soft. At 9 inches, he is a perfect size to go anywhere with the little one as well as hanging out at home. I think that animals that are a little less common as toys are also the cutest.

TY Fredrick Fox Stuffed Toy

TY toys are a blast from the 90’s but still remain popular and sometimes collectable especially beanie babies! Fredrick fox is a cute furry boy who will be sure to become your child’s favourite. Inside the heart label is a little introduction to Fredrick and he is made from soft material that is perfect for hugs.

KandyToys Stuffed Sloth

Aren’t sloths so cute! This cuddly toy will put a smile on your little ones face.  The reviews for this toy glows about the cuddly fur and the great hugs it gives, it is also great value for the price!

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter’s books are loved by many including myself and her books are enjoyed all across the world. This peter rabbit plush is perfect for those who enjoy her books and also those who haven’t read them yet. This plush measure 24cm long and is made from very soft fabric and is suitable for any age.

Cute Avocado Plush

This is my favourite from this list. For all those little avocado lovers out there, this is the perfect gift. Not only is this a toy, it is also a pillow. This plush would be perfect for roadtrips so when your little one is done playing, they can use the plush to take a nap, giving you some quiet time.

Cute Bubble Tea Plush

Bubble tea is delicious on a summer day and this bubbly plush will be sure to keep your little one company on a summers day. This cute plus comes in many different colours with many different expressions so there is one for everyone.

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