How To Find The Perfect Pram For You

photo of a woman looking her baby

With so many options to choose from it can feel like it’s easier to go for the first pram that meets your eye. Having a good idea of what you need will help make choosing your ideal pram alot easier and will help you avoid getting another once you bought your first. Baby’s comfort will ofcourse be a focal point to your decision but many new mums and dads wonder how much they need to spend to get what they need or what style would fit them and baby. Many will wonder what does a top end priced pram give you that a budget pram will not.

photo of a woman looking her baby
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Three Wheels or Four?

There has been a recent trend of three wheel prams on the market which gives the traditional four wheel prams a run for their money. The three wheel prams are designed for more challenging terrain say if you were to take your little one for a stroll along a bumpy track in the countryside. The three wheel prams tend to have larger wheels to fit this although take caution as they seem to be more expensive and also more likely to tip. The traditional four wheel pram is still a more popular choice as it is suited to a wider range of environments and also pack into a cupboard or car easier. If a three wheel pram suits your lifestyle then I’ve put a link to a well reviewed stroller underneath.

How much should I spend?

Prams are definitely one of those items that can massively vary in price and every parent feels differently about how much should be spent. The cost of a pram depends on the quality of the materials used but a branded pram can be more expensive as it normally costs more to carry a brand. Some branded prams say that their product makes less movement when being pushed which improves the smoothness of the ride for the baby. Colours and prints of pushchairs and overall style can affect the price. If the chair has a bright pink and orange print with a geometric design then more time and effort has been taken to create this product which pushes the price up. If you just want a simple pram with no complicated design or technology then a lower price pram should be just fine. I’ve included a link to a good reviewed budget pushchair underneath.

Should I Get a Second Hand Pram?

There is nothing wrong with getting a second hand pram as long is care is taken to ensure that it is safe. It can be a great idea for cost cutting and saving money. When getting a second hand pram you must make sure the seller is reputable and sharing if the pram as anything wrong with it’s condition. If the seller is honest and detailed pictures have been provided of the pram and you feel confident that it is what you need then it’s time to see it. When you see the pram, it is a really good idea to check for any breaks in fabric or any breakages in the infrastructure, it may seem unnecessary but this is to ensure the safety of your baby and if the product is good value for money. If the pram is in good condition then it’s time to take it home. Once you have your pram back home then make sure to give it a good clean. A family member of mine bought a second hand pram and used a steam cleaner to disinfect the fabric, I would really recommend this. Steam cleaners can be rented online and at some laundrettes. There are so many great second hand selling platforms so take the opportunity to search on more than one to get the best deal.

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