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Bebstuff is a child and family blog which talks about childcare, health and wellbeing. The blog provides help in choosing products which suit your child. I write articles about popular products currently being used by many parents and popular subjects in healthcare.  Check out my goodreads profile at the bottom of the page to see recommendations for children’s bedtime stories and more!

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Getting Creative While Parenting

Being a parent is an incredibly beautiful role to have and is an experience that even the those who feel like they are prepared will never truly be ready for. Every family has a unique way of teaching their children about the world around them and how to take on life’s challenges and experiences. Many …

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A Guide To Aromatherapy For Beginners

What Is Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment which involves natural oils from plants. It is thought to improve physical and mental health. As the practice is becoming more popular and it’s benefits become apparent, essential oils are being used regularly by an ever increasing amount of people. Aromatherapy has been practiced for thousands of …

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Stylish Maternity Dresses for 2021

Each woman has her own distinct style but for many woman who are expecting, a beautiful dress to wear this summer will be a must have. In this article I will show you the most popular styles of dresses and how to choose a dress that suits you. There’s no excuse to wear dull, drab …